2017 Snooker London Masters Fu Jiajun VS O’Sari competition video
In 2017, the Snooker London Masters continued. In the first semi-final, Fu Jiajun and O’Sullivan started a battle against each other.Fu Jiajun completed 141 points in a single shot and broke 100. O’Sullivan’s skin was once broken, 3-4 behind to expand the counterattack and win 3 games in a row. Eventually, he reversed and eliminated Fu Jiajun 6-4. O’Sullivan took the lead in the Masters finals.The following is the 2017 Snooker London Masters Fu Jiajun VS Oshali game video. Not long ago, Fu Jiajun won a series of victories at the Scottish Open, and finally defeated Higgins to win the third championship of his career.In the Masters, Fu Jiajun scored a 6-5 lore in the first round of Trump, defeating Allen 6-2 in the quarterfinals.In the semi-finals, Fu Jiajun played against defending champion O’Sullivan. In 2016, he won four consecutive runner-up titles. In the first round of the Masters, he defeated Liang Wenbo in the first round and then beat Robertson in the second round.The athletes who participated in the competition had played 27 times, and O’Sullivan had 16 wins, 3 draws and 8 losses. The most recent match between the two sides was the semi-finals of the British Championships this season. Fu Jiajun missed the chance to kill O’Sullivan with a green ball.In the first game, Fu Jiajun took the lead on the bench and scored 10 points in a row. After attacking the bottom bag, he made a red ball error. After O’Sullivan scored the red ball, the bench attacked the top bag and failed to score the blue ball.The ball was once again in the hands of Fu Jiajun, and he scored 89 points in a single shot to get the game. The total score was 1-0.In the second game, Fu Jiajun got another chance to get a long platform. After scoring 14 points in a snooker situation, the master made an offensive red bag error and then O’Sullivan started with 41 points.In the bullfighting, Fu Jiajun got another chance. After scoring 38 points in a row, he cut into the red ball and stopped at the mouth of the bag. O’Sullivan took the opportunity to clear the table with a shot and won the game. The total score was 1-1.In the third game, Fu Jiajun continued to maintain a strong momentum, grabbed a single shot and scored 110 points to break through the win after the conference, and the total score was 2-1.Due to a problem with O’Sullivan’s club head, he applied to the referee for an early break.After a 15-minute break, in the fourth game, Fu Jiajun selected the kick-off to form a snooker, O’Sullivan made a penalty for the wrong turn, Fu Jiajun chose to turn over the middle of the offense and left a long bench opportunity, O’Sullivan long benchAfter scoring into the game, the score was 95 points and the score was 2-2.In the 5th game, O’Sullivan topped Ku’s red ball as a defense and left a long bench opportunity. Fu Jiajun scored into the bottom bag to get started. This attack still maintained a strong accuracy, and then scored 141 points in a single shot.Baiqingtai refreshed the highest score of a single shot in this tournament, and Fu Jiajun led again 3-2.In the 6th game, the two sides continued to fight, and this time Fu Jiajun left the opportunity after kick-off, O’Sullivan scored directly with a long shot, and scored 122 points in a single shot after winning the game. The total scoreChase 3-3.In the 7th game, during the kick-off stage defense, Fu Jiajun left O’Sullivan with a chance to fight for the ball. O’Sullivan scored on the bench and scored 47 points.Fu Jiajun then attacked and played a high level. He scored 83 points in a single shot to clear the table and won the game, leading again 4-3.In the 8th game, Fu Jiajun scored a red ball and lost the middle bag. O’Sullivan scored 55 points and got a red ball error after the cue ball moved. He had to choose defense.Fu Jiajun once again obtained the opportunity through the accurate long bench, and scored 6 points after the racket attacking the red ball error of the bottom bag. O’Sullivan did not miss such an opportunity. He won this round with one shot and the total score was 4-4.In the ninth game, Fu Jiajun had a slightly stronger ball pile. The cue ball slipped out and leaked a red ball from the bottom bag. O’Sullivan scored 46 points and made a mistake by calling for defense.In the bullfighting, Fu Jiajun missed the mobile phone meeting. O’Sullivan scored a continuous attack after scoring a long table. The score was 82 points and won the game. The 5-4 overtaking came to the match point first.In the 10th game, after O’Sullivan’s long table scored a red ball in the bottom bag, the cue ball went into the pile and the offense was interrupted.In the bullfighting, O’Sullivan scored a red ball from a super far table, and then scored into a small angle coffee bag to get started. He scored 69 points in a single shot and won the game, thus defeating Fu Jiajun with a total score of 6-4.Advance to the final of the Masters.