The champion Zion set a career high of 31 points, can he lead the team to the playoffs?
No. 1 Zion champion and No. 2 Morante’s best rookie of the season has little suspense. However, for Zion, who has returned less than 10 games, his performance has been amazing enough.11th, the team also needs Zion to lead the team to impact the playoffs.Zion (left) scored a career high of 31 points.Video screenshot Today, the Pelicans are sitting at home against the Blazers. The two sides have similar results, ranking 11th and 9th in the west respectively. They are rivals in the playoffs.In the absence of the team’s top fighter Ingram, Zion played 28 minutes, efficiently scored 31 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, led the team to beat the opponent 138 to 117, and achieved 3 consecutive wins, Continue to approach the playoff seats.This is only the ninth game of Zion’s career, 31 points, 5 assists, 10 shots, 11 free throws, free throw percentage and many other statistics have created a career high.Since its debut in the NBA on January 23, Zion has continued its efficient performance with the coaching staff restricting their playing time.Up to now, in all 9 games that Zion participated in, except for the regular season MVP “Alphabet Brothers” who was “classed” by opponents, the remaining 8 games have a hit rate of more than 50%, of which 3 games have a hit rate of more than 70%, The hit rate of one game exceeds 80%.According to US media statistics, Zion has exceeded 20 points in 5 consecutive games, becoming the sixth player in history to achieve this achievement before the age of 20. The top 5 are James, Anthony, Owen, Wiggins and East Cic.Since the comeback, Zion has scored 20+ seven times. In the past 30 seasons, only Grant Hill and O’Neal have scored 20+ 7 times in the first 10 games of his career.There is no doubt that it can at least avoid the damage and injury, but the new champion has quickly adapted to the NBA game rhythm, using speed, strength and other absolute advantages, he still has a significant effect on the basket.This campaign against the Blazers is the first time Zion has led the team without Ingram.The team with the highest career score scored a big victory, and its ability to lead the team was also tested.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Wang Xin