“Braves Game 2” is scheduled for December 13th, Johnson wants to “take the beach to celebrate the New Year”
Directed by Jack Kasdan, “Boulder” Dawn Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan returns to the Hollywood action adventure “Brave Game 2: Battle to the Peak”(Hereinafter referred to as “Brave Game 2” officially finalized?December 13?At the same time as North America, the film also released a “full runaway” version of the fixed file notice.”Boulder” Johnson led the Brave team once again to gather in the “World of Brave Games”.In this “total runaway” version of the teaser, the brave four-member team has encountered the strongest test ever.The scene spans from the primitive jungle with hidden giant pythons to the abyssal abyss where people are killed at any time, from the extremely cold and snowy mountains with landslides and rocks to the deserts attacked by groups of giant ostriches.Fully upgraded visual effects allow multiple scenes to be freely converted. For example, countless mandrills besieged Johnson Forest on the Fenglin Suspension Bridge, showing the beauty of Fenglin and crazy beasts at the same time. The alarming danger and sudden threat constitutedUnprecedented spectacle scenes, the brave men fought to death on the way, struggling to pass through multiple dangerous situations, the end of the game under the chase of countless giant ostriches to play the speeding car, the visual spectacle and the difficult movement are closely combined.”Game of the Brave: The Jungle of Decisive Battle” once triggered a global movie craze at the end of 2017. Once released, it won the North American weekend box office three consecutive championships, and the global box office reached 9.600 million US dollars.The film also won 4 after its release in China.9.1 billion box office.As the latest sequel to “Game of the Brave: Decisive Jungle”, “Brave Game 2” inherited the interdimensional setting of the film from reality to the game world, and also continued Johnson, Hart, Black, and JiThe game character played by Lan is the theme of escaping the game and upgrading the salvation.Box office analyst Luo Tianwen said that the popularity and fan base of the previous work, and the same day competition with “The Man Who Was Captured by Light” and “Downton Manor” helped to replicate the previous box office performance: “Because of the moment of the productIt has been very, very new, and has a fan base of the previous game. It is hoped that it will become the best performing imported film in December on the eve of the Chinese New Year.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Wang Xin