2017 Snooker Champions League group match schedule details Ding Junhui Rockets are absent
The results of the 2017 Snooker Champions League match schedule were produced. Ding Junhui, O’Sullivan and Hong Kong Chinese Fu Jiajun were all absent. The world’s number one Selby led the battle. Liang Wenbo was the only Chinese player to participate.  The Champions League is divided into seven groups, each group of seven players. After six rounds, the top four of the group enter the knockout, and the group champion is determined through the semi-finals and finals, and the group champion directly advances to the final championship group, two to five enterIn the next group, we will continue the round robin + knockout competition with the three new members. The last one in the group will be eliminated until the winners of the seven groups are formed, forming the championship group and generating the final championship.  Next year’s Champions League, Ding Junhui, O’Sullivan and Fu Jiajun who just won the championship in Scotland are all absent. The world’s No. 1 Selby, Higgins, Bingham, Trump, Robertson and other famous players all played.Among the Chinese legions, only Liang Wenbo signed up.In the 2016 Champions League, Trump’s final defeated O’Sullivan 3-2 in the final to win his third title in this game.  In the Champions League, all games are played in 5 innings and 3 wins. The group round-robin wins 100 pounds for each round, the knockout stage wins 300 pounds for each round, the group champion gains 3000 pounds, and the group single-point maximum score is 500 pounds.Credited.  Specific groups and group schedule dates Group 1 (January 2-3, 2017) Milkins, Mark Davis, Wollaston, Celtic, Ryan Day, Gilbert, MikeJill Group 2 (January 4-5, 2017) Mark Williams, Robertson, Michael White Group 3 (January 9-10, 2017) Perry, Hawkins, Carter Group 4(January 11-12, 2017) Murphy, Allen, Karen Wilson Group 5 (February 20-21, 2017) Bingham, Trump, and Liang Wenbo Group 6 (February 22-23, 2017) Selby, Wharton, Gould Group 7 (February 27-28, 2017) Higgins, Holt, Dort Championship Group Competition (2017March 1st-2nd)