Sports Morning News: David Stern died, Ju Mingxin was expelled from the game
The former NBA president David Stern died.Figure / Osports Last night, the CBA regular season Guangdong home victory over the Shenzhen team took a 6-game winning streak; the Shanghai team Ju Mingxin was expelled due to a malicious foul; the 21st round of the Premier League Tottenham suffered a cold and lost 0-1 to Southampton.In addition, the NBA passed bad news at the beginning of the new year, and former NBA president David Stern died.[Awful consumption]The former NBA President David Stern died of illness According to US media reports, the former NBA President David Stern died unfortunately at the age of 77.About three weeks ago, David Stern suffered a sudden cerebral hemorrhage at a restaurant in Manhattan, New York, and was immediately rushed to the hospital for rescue.Unfortunately, on the afternoon of 1st local time, David Stern died of cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 77.[Downturn]Tottenham lost to Southampton 0 to 1 last night. The Premier League started three games in the 21st round. Tottenham lost 0 to 1 in Southampton. For the first time since 2009, the first New Year lost in the first league.Kane scored an offside and was injured as a result.Mourinho received a yellow card, which was his first loss to Southampton in seven Premier League visits (3 wins and 3 draws).Ju Mingxin elbowed his opponent.[Evil Deeds]Ju Mingxin elbowed his opponent and was kicked out last night. A vicious foul occurred in the 23rd round of the CBA regular season Shanghai against Zhejiang.With 2 minutes and 51 seconds left in the first quarter of the game, the Shanghai team attacked. Ju Mingxin made a serious elbow attack on Zhejiang player Lai Junhao when he was stuck in the basket. Lai Junhao fell to the ground and the referee directly played Ju Mingxin after watching the video playback.A power foul is expelled and Ju Mingxin will automatically be suspended for the next game.[Haozhu]Guangdong won 132 to 104 at home last night. In the 23rd round of the CBA regular season, Guangdong won 132 to 104 at home in Shenzhen, winning a 6-game winning streak and Shenzhen suffered a 2-game losing streak.In this game, the Guangdong team made 4 doubles, including Ma Shang scoring 34 points and 4 rebounds, Yi Jianlian 22 points and 8 rebounds 5 intervals.Beijing News Editor Han Shuangming proofreads Guo Liqin